Print is a powerful force in promotion.

From brochures to direct mail and collateral to ad campaigns and product packaging, print is still a valuable means of business promotion. For more than a decade, Nu-Image Design has created and delivered compelling print with great style. When designed and created by our experienced professionals, print becomes a pivotal part of your brand identity and an essential extension of your marketing plan.

Make the right first impression and keep your branding intact from brochures to stationery. Beautiful, targeted, award-winning printed materials from Nu-Image Design make the right impression every time, and help convert your prospects into clients. At Nu-Image Design, we develop your print campaign, keeping your company’s image consistent across all media. All of our print pieces are designed to harmonize with established brand identities or with the new image we design for you. This is one of the things which makes Nu-Image Design unique – we can coordinate both your online and print brand identity. Because you certainly don’t want your website to present your business one way, and your print work, another.

Flyers / Posters / Advertisments

There are many reasons companies and individuals produce flyers, posters and ads but the sole purpose is all the same: advertise an event, product or service. Nu-Image Design can create a design for you that will stand out on a wall or windshield, in a crowded magazine or that can be used as part of a professional marketing package.

Brochure and Catalog Design

Brochures and catalogs are the most commonly used marketing material but there is no reason your brochure or catalog needs to be common. Whether it is a standard tri-fold or a completely custom-folded, die-cut spot-laminated masterpiece, we can create a spectacular design that effectively advertises your products or services and looks great doing it. We will create something that has as much perceived value as the value you provide your customers every day.

Postcards & Direct Mail

When creating direct-mail pieces, you need to know your target audience and what makes them act. By creating a custom designed direct-mail piece you are increasing your chances of a successful mailing. Nu-Image Design can create a custom direct mail design or an entire strategy to attract customers, or engage existing ones. Contact us today so we can discuss how we can improve your direct-mail marketing through effective design.

Identity Collateral

If you already have a logo or are having one designed, matching identity collateral in an important aspect of your overall branding strategy. You identity collateral is the canvas that makes your brand image stand out and it is a major part of your everyday correspondence with your customers through your letterhead, envelopes, business cards and more. We take the time to create an effective overall brand and ensure that your company’s image is as focused and powerful as can be.

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