Think of a famous company like Coca Cola. I’ll bet you can remember what their logo design looks like and even the colors and style of their packaging. That is a good brand. A quality logo instantly communicates your company style and philosophy and is the foundation of your company’s brand, one of your most important assets. Unfortunately, for most small businesses, this is the most overlooked aspect of their marketing.


Your logo, symbol or brand image is your single most important marketing tool, and it represents your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nu-Image Design has designed logos, brand images, symbols and identities for companies and organizations of every size – from one-man operations to international corporations. Our team of professional logo designers in NJ will work with you to ensure you get a totally professional, world-class logo.


Take it to the next level!

After creating your logo design and collaborating with you to develop a consistent brand, we will implement it on unique, eye-catching stationery that will lay the foundation for your corporate identity. Why stationery? Because we believe it makes or breaks your company’s image.


It’s much more than just a logo design on top of the letterhead or business card, and that’s why we include it with our branding package. Once the ground-work is setup, we can help you expand your brand across all forms of media including mailings, brochures and your website to create a cohesive brand identity.


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